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Helping with the Uncertainty of an Aging Parent

In the simplest of terms, transitions are difficult because we unconsciously or even consciously resist change, which involves adjustments that we are not prepared to encounter. We will all face this at some point in our lives.

One aspect of transition is the uncertainty with what to do with an aging parent? While aging is inevitable, our attitude and reaction to it can be all over the board. It is an emotional time for all parties.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), since 1950, the number of people seventy-five and older doubled from 3% to 6%. NCHC estimates that by 2060 one in eight Americans will be seventy-five or older. Today, 22.4 million households already provide care to a family member over the age of fifty, this according to the American Association for Retired People (AARP). Many baby-boomers are finding themselves in this situation or will soon be called upon to deal with this issue. Daunting, emotional turmoil, stressed and pulled are words used by baby-boomers who are assisting a parent.

Children are accustomed to having their parent look after their needs. Now it is reversed and NEWS FLASH: It’s time to step up and procrastination doesn’t work! This is where a transitional therapists should be considered.

There are many different forms of the word “therapist” used today. The term “moving therapist” has taken on the meaning of assisting a client with the transfer and delivery of high value items. The term “transition therapist” means the hiring of someone by a family member or aging parent to be that discerning ear when it comes to making life changing decisions. These life decisions may be finding a home care provider, researching Senior Communities or figuring out how to make life run “smoothly” for all. Transition therapist are that “neutral” party or that “listener”.

Transitions are life’s way of asking us to reexamine our present way of being. Whatever the degree or intensity, every transition we experience has one thing in common, it forces us to make changes to our existing life. Seeing a parent age causes us to literally close one chapter of our life, and start a new one, putting us in a situation that we have not walked before. It is often a very difficult adjustment as we endure intense feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

There are many avenues of help for this new chapter. Considering hiring a transition therapist who has an experienced based approach to solutions may be the best first step. It’s all about making life “fulfilled” for those involved. Transition therapists are the new wave of assistance.

Sue Roseliep is a Transition Therapist and President of Concierge Consulting. Her passion is helping the aging population. If you are considering or facing decisions for your parent take a moment to call Sue at 608.999.0805. Life involves constant change and we are in this together.


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