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Let’s take the Complexity Out of Healthcare

Another aspect of Concierge Consulting is serving the aging population as a Patient Advocate or Medical Billing Consultant. We want to empower our clients! Even the savviest person can find it confusing to navigate their way through the healthcare maze.

Unfortunately the healthcare system has become so confusing that patients need a go-between to assist in navigating through the maze. We are able to step in to accompany clients at their medical appointments or be at a hospital bedside. We also will review prescriptions and medications with the doctor, track medical paperwork and receive those medical notes. Let’s us take that worry away and serve as your Patient Advocate.

When it comes to those endless medical bills, ongoing nursing home statements , LTC (long term care) policies, or concerns and issues dealing with the medical world this is where we can serve as your Medical Billing Consultant.

The mission of Concierge Consulting is to be the “supporter, investigator and spokesperson” for our clients.  We are member’s of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, a national firm based in Florida, which abides by a strict code of ethics.

How can Concierge Consulting help you through the maze of Healthcare?

Let us help you! Complete the attached form or check the appropriate boxes so that we have an idea as to how we can assist you. After receiving this information we will schedule an initial, no-charge consultation at your home or location of your choice. This allows us to get to know each other!  During the meeting we review your needs and offer suggestions about how to best approach the concerns at hand.

No two assignments are exactly alike, so we offer hourly rates or package plans that will best help resolve your issues. Let’s get started…..“Let’s Take the Complexity out of Healthcare”

Having an understanding as to how Concierge Consulting “Let’s take the Complexity out of Healthcare” can help you is the first step.

We offer hourly rates starting at $60.00 or package plans.  Example of services that we can assist with: Finding an Adult Day Care Community, researching someone to come visit or play a game with your parent on a weekly basis, pay a parents Nursing Home bills, or a prescription drug review.

Concierge Consulting - Patient Advocate or Medical Billing Consultation

1st Consultation Visit is Free of Charge

  • We would appreciate reviewing the below “Checklist” and mark the areas that are most concerning to you. Also if there are additional areas not mentioned please indicate in the space provided.

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