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Concierge Consulting offers support and reassurance. By checking some boxes or completing the provided form we will have an idea as to how we can assist you. Next is a complimentary consultation where we discuss your goals and put an action plan together.

We want to develop a relationship of trust and respect with our clients. It is extremely important to everyone concerned that we have a clear understanding of expectations and needs for each individual, right from the beginning. In every situation we provide a personalized plan of action and review so that everyone involved has a clear understanding.

Schedule a complimentary consultation. Call toll free 800.966.0658  or 608.999.0805

Questions to get you thinking:

Concierge Consulting – Sample Questions

  1. I am concerned about my aging parent(s). What are the first steps I need to take to see what options are available?
  2. Can you serve as a Patient Advocate for my parent? We live out of state and need someone to attend my parents doctor visits.
  3. Is it feasible to sell my parents home and move to a senior community?
  4. We are considering an Adult Day Care Community for my parent. How do I go about looking for this?
  5. What processes do I take in finding a nursing home and the costs?

Still have questions? Let us know how we can help!